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Oxidized Zirconium Femoral component with cross linked Polyethylene

Wear Performance:Oxidized Zirconium Femoral component

Most older persons can expect their joints to last a long time. Some younger persons, with a total joint replacement, who are quite active, may need a second replacement after 10 to 15 years. Today advanced technology and newer materials are there that have been proven to have a wear performance close to 30 years (as per manufacturer). Its US FDA approved

This knee replacement lasting more than 30 years is a concept which is beyond just purely an implant. Its biomaterial, accuracy, alignment, gender specific design, sizing, technology and conglomeration of all these is the answer for a knee replacement which is biological, gives high bending and longevity of more than 30 years*.

Long Lasting Performance:

Long-Life system is the peerless bearing combination of OXINIUM alloy and highly cross- linked polyethylene (XLPE). By combining the biocompatible, proprietary OXINIUM alloy with XLPE, Long-Life technology in the knee system allow surgeons to address their patient’s pain earlier. Compared to other bearing technologies of conventional knees systems Long-Life technology demonstrates exceptionally low wear rates. When comparing conventional technologies to XLPE technologies to LONG-LIFE, there is another significant reduction in wear again. Understanding these were conducted using pristine components, the differences in these wear rates across group would be even more pronounced with roughened components due to the resistance to micro-scratches of the LONG-LIFE couple.

Biocompatibility: Metal Sensitivity: Oxidized Zirconium Femoral component

Just as metal ions are a well described problem for many hip replacement patients, metal sensitivity to cobalt, chromium and nickel (common materials used in most joint replacement implants) are commonly cited allergens. In many cases, sensitivity to these allergens has resulted in revisions for knee replacement patients LONG-LIFE technology incorporates proprietary OXINIUM alloy instead of the commonly used cobalt chromium alloy. OXINIUM alloy has negligible cobalt chrome. Moreover, oxidized zirconium is a nearly inert material that has not been reported to induce immune reactions.