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Hip for the Lifetime - Dr.Manuj Wadhwa | Best Hip Replacement Panchkula

Hip for the Lifetime

Artificial ceramic hips improving Flexibility and Durability Lifestyle in the young and active is very different from the geriatric population . In the young, active life flexibility and durability are the main demands whether for sports, recreation or managing daily chores of life. These activities demand much higher degrees of pressure to the joints. Modern...

05 Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay a Joint Replacement

05 Reasons You Should Not Delay a Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgery involves removal of damaged joint surface and replacing with metallic implants. The surgery is a major surgery which may make the patient anxious and various doubts arise in their minds. The fear of surgery and various questions like ‘what if’ can lead to delay of joint replacement surgery.Timely performed knee replacement surgery...