Is there a best season for joint replacement?

Is there a best season for joint replacement?

People tend to wonder what is the most suitable time of the year to get their joint replacement surgery done and believe that spring and early fall is the best season to get their surgery which in today’s world is a MYTH.

The advancement in the technology regarding the infrastructure of operating theatres and intensive care units (ICU), such as laminar flow ventilation, centralised temperature controllers and humidity stabilizers, has made it possible to carry out joint replacement surgery throughout the year.

The modified concept of minimally invasive procedures, modified pain control, and sutureless surgery has decreased the frequency of follow-up visits and favours fast recovery during winter and summer.

Factors to consider for the timing of surgery

The severity of Arthritis

Don’t wait until you can’t walk or take the pain any longer. Though joint replacement surgery is an elective surgery there is an ideal time for typical patients to get the most out of their surgery, and waiting too long will reduce their benefits from the surgery.

Availability of the doctor

Joint replacement surgeries are usually scheduled in advance according to the availability of the surgeon and patient-specific implants

Taking days off from your job

When deciding on the best time for surgery, taking days off from your job is one of the most critical factors. With decreased follow-up visits and the availability of home physiotherapy sessions, patients can plan their surgeries anytime in the calendar year.

Schedule your surgery today!

Knee replacement surgeries are usually scheduled two to three months in advance, so plan accordingly. Contact Elite Orthopaedics right away.

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