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Arthritis and the Gender Bias – Why Women Face the Heat More

Gender bias against women has long been talked about across different spheres of life. Unfortunately, Arthritis seems to be an area too – where women are often at the receiving end and crippled at rates much higher than that in men.  We’ve known this for a fact. But how many of us take a step forward to understand the underlying reasons for this “bias”? Perhaps, if we understand more, we can resolve this issue better.
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In addition to having a higher rate of arthritis than men, women frequently have more severe joint pains. They are far more susceptible to rheumatoid arthritis – another condition affecting women and taking a toll on their physical and mental well-being.

Several factors contribute to this disparity. Age is a significant risk factor for illnesses that fall under the umbrella term “arthritis,” which causes joint pain and inflammation. More than 100 different types of arthritis exist, each with health risks.


Evidence points to a possible hormonal connection between women’s vulnerability and arthritis. Hormone levels decrease throughout menopause and fluctuate with menstrual cycles. Increased joint laxity, which is linked to joint instability and damage, might be caused by increased hormone levels during specific phases of the menstrual cycle. Osteoarthritis can develop as a result of joint injury or instability.

After menopause, women are much more likely to develop osteoarthritis, and during this period, they could have new or worsening joint pain. During menopause, oestrogen levels decrease. This decrease can be a contributing factor that speeds up the osteoarthritis process.


Compared to men, women’s joints are more flexible. The joints consequently move a little bit more. Less stability in the joints makes them more vulnerable to damage.


Women’s knee joints do not line up as straightly as men’s because women have wider hips. A woman’s body is aligned differently, which increases her risk of knee injuries, which can eventually result in osteoarthritis.


Strong muscles support the knee joint and cause less joint wear and tear. Alternately, it’s possible that women are at risk due to weak muscles and lack of testosterone. Men typically have stronger leg muscles than women because testosterone aids in muscular growth. Strong muscles support the knee joint, reducing osteoarthritis risk.

Can we Actually do Anything to Prevent it?

The answer is YES. However, the results may vary across individuals and the intricacies of the damage that might already have happened. A few quick things to consider when it comes to preventing Arthritis in women. 

  • Maintaining healthy body weight. The BMI must be measured well and balanced out.
  • Controlling blood sugar: Diabetes raises the risk of inflammation and cartilage loss, and high glucose levels can impair the cartilage’s structure and function.
  • Decreasing stress on the joint helps reduce the joint’s wear and tear.
  • Exercising regularly helps support the knee joint and decreases wear and tear.
  • Avoiding overuse of your joints: Some sports or professions involve repetitive knee joint motions, such as kneeling or squatting.

Even though you can’t control all risk factors as effectively, a few things, such as weight and exercise levels, fall into control faster for most women – if they decide to bring a real change in their situation.

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