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High Performance Knee

High Performance Knee System is the latest launch, designed to be the first kinematically correct TKA on the market: Latest knee designs with best biomaterials having US-FDA clearance for 30yr wear performance*. Perfect choice for young & active high demand patients.

High Performance Knee Implants

This is an innovative, comprehensive and integrated knee system created to address unmet patient & surgeon needs and is latest advancement in knee replacement options. It provides the best in class knee replacement solution for highly demanding & active lifestyles.This combines the latest in design engineering kinematics and materials to deliver a high level of stability and motion.

  • Wear resistance result in longer lasting knees.
  • Allows for greater knee bending such as sitting cross- legged
  • Natural-bone conserving design.

What it allows:

Squatting/Kneeling/Gardening/Carrying Heavy Objects/Golf/Dancing. This latest Knee design resembles natural native knee, restores natural knee function & enabling TKR patients perform & fell better:

  • Stability:

Anatomic design of artificular surface restores native anatomy and yield a normal anatomic A/P position throughout the range of motion.

  • Strength:

The proper A/P positioning are expected to give more muscle firing patterns hence preventing muscle fatigue during activities daily living.

  • Satisfaction( Proprioception):

Improving patient’s ease of activities of daily living can be expected due to the anticipated improvement of strength and stability.

  • Patellofemoral(PF) kinematics:

The kinematic pattern in the PF joint is critically important to decrease anterior knee pain post operatively provides improved contact which improves wear & provides improved patella tracking.

  • Flexion:

To allow an anatomic, deep flexion performance & the normal kinematic patterns of movement provide the ideal environment.

  • Durability:

Combining the award- winning materials of OXINIUM (oxidized Zirconium) and highly cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), Long-Life technology is a highly durable and long- lasting material combination with proven 30 year wear performance.

  • Metal Sensitivity:

OXINIUM (Oxidized Zirconium) which addresses the needs of nickel- sensitive patients by having no measureable nickel content.


Disclaimer: * As per manufacturers