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Knee & Hip Replacement through Fifo Technique

A new concept in knee and hip replacement surgery comes with the launch of FIFO (Fast in Fast Out) technique that combines benefits of minimally invasive surgery, and patient-specific high performance implants with higher flexibility, modified pain control concepts and mammal bleeding. With this, patients can walk 3-hours after the surgery. “This is a modified concept launched in country by me, and has minimal blood loss with combination of advanced muscle sparing surgical exposure, specialised mix of latest techniques such as digital surgery and better patient-specific implants,” claims Dr. Manuj Wadhwa, Chairman & Executive Director, Ivy Elite Institutes of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement. A new minimally invasive procedure may help individuals who face advanced osteoarthritis of the knee and hip continuing `keeping pace with life.’ Tissue preserving total knee replacement surgery goes beyond the general scope of conventional TKR, using smaller incision and special instruments to approach the knee from the front with minimal trauma to the soft tissue, muscles and tendons. The technique allows surgical exposure in all patients including obese ones with easy implantation of standard implants with specialised instrumentation.

Improved Pain Control

Pain during and after joint replacement surgery is a hindering factor for recovery of patients undergoing joint replacement surgery. If it can be controlled, then it will be comfortable for patient. Combination of minimally invasive techniques, better implants and modified concept in pain control with less bleeding is available as FIFO at Elite Institute at Ivy Hospital, Mohali.

Advantages of Fifo Technique