Don't Ignore your pain

Don’t ignore your injuries

If you happen to be a sportsperson then chances are that apart from having a sporting experience and you must have been on the other side getting yourself treated for injuries as well. Some of these, however, are common to all.

Elaborating in this regard, Dr. Manuj Wadhwa, Chairman & Executive Director, Ivy Elite Institutes of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement, Mohali, says, “Knee injuries, tennis elbow, muscle pull are very common these days. People tend to go astray by adopting other options to cure themselves, such as looking for cures online. I would suggest its as simple as visiting a doctor.”

EXPERT’S TIPS: In case of muscle pull, consult a Doctor, refrain for going for massages without expert advice as that can worsen the situation. Always follow the price formula and visit a doctor. Get treated as soon as possible. Wear suitable gear depending on the game. Don’t ignore injury.


Dr. Wadhwa further suggests a common formula for these sporting injuries such as PRICE that stands for Protect, Relax, Icing, Compression and Elevation : in which one is required to protect, relax, apply ice every few hours so that it can compress with bandage before elevating it. It is important to protect the injured part being treated before seeking a professional advice. The doctor emphasised on the need to make people aware of the fact that sports and injuries go hand in hand.

The real reason is lack of awareness among masses about these injuries such as runner knee, back pain are the things that can impact anyone due to a lifestyle disorder, apart from players. Suggesting a simple tip for a fit life, the doctor also advised pre-workout, relaxation, balanced diet besides adequate supplements to ensure fitness.

“It is an easy way to avoid common ailments like muscle cramp, strain fatigue, back pain otherwise surgery is the only option. People just need to be a bit careful, “he added. Here on few tips would help to create more awareness about the same.

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