My Knee Hurt Do I Have Arthritis

Do I have arthritis ?

Knee arthritis refers to damage of the joint surface leading to progressive loss of normal joint function leading to pain, stiffness and limitation of mobility.

Common causes of knee arthritis:

  1. Osteoarthritis Commonest form: Knee joint damage is due to progression of age, hereditary factors, unhealthy lifestyle, deficient diet, Obesity etc.
  2. Inflammatory arthritis, major joint injury, ligament injury, fracture, high uric acid levels etc

In conclusion, the treatment of arthritis includes a combination of initial non-surgical therapies, medications and, in advanced cases knee replacement surgery.

Some examples of these non-surgical forms of treatment
  1. Exercise, physiotherapy and weight loss training, Lifestyle modification
  2. Assistive devices-Knee braces, Walking aids.
Examples of medical treatment
  1. Pain and anti-inflammatory medication
  2. After that, drugs which can slow down knee surface damage-Glucosamine, Collagen compounds etc

However, for advanced knee arthritis, knee replacement surgery remains the gold standard of treatment. By learning more, you can better participate in your own care and learn how to manage this condition. Therefore, It is important to discuss with your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon about the options for treating arthritis, the effects it has on your daily activities, and necessary lifestyle modifications.


Do I have knee arthritis?

There are some common symptoms which may suggest disease

  1. Knee pain noticed after routine activities of daily living like climbing stairs, sitting cross legged, walking 5-10 minutes etc.
  2. Limitation of knee flexibility ie difficulty bending or straightening knee, gradual bowed appearance of knees, swelling of knee etc.

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