Bone and Joint Injury During Covid-19 Lockdown

Bone and Joint Injury during Covid-19 Lockdown

The Current Situation

Currently, India is in a state of lockdown to prevent the community transmission of Covid19. This is an unprecedented global war, and mankind is facing the tough enemy, the novel #Coronavirus.

The first battlefield is the hospital where our soldiers are the medical workers. Also, we need to make sure that the hospital is the battleground where we eliminate the virus, not where the virus defeats us. The role of orthopaedic surgeons in mitigating this COVID-19 crisis is certainly not a muted one. We as a community are playing our part in overcoming this pandemic.
Community transmission can also happen. The aim is to stop it and localize it to a certain area.

What we advice

Everybody should stay indoors. Move out only in case of emergency except those involved in the maintenance of essential services. As advised by Government of India and World Health Organization, people should take healthy diet to boost up immunity and stay hydrated. Moreover do home based exercises including yoga to keep body as well as mind in a fit state.

Bone and Joint Injury during Covid-19 Lockdown

Unfortunately, some people may sustain injuries during this period particularly old aged population. The injury could either be a minor soft tissue injury or a bone break which may require Orthopaedic Surgeon’s intervention.

These patients can discuss their problems on-line via a video link with Dr. Manuj Wadhwa, Chairman & Executive Director, Elite Institutes of Orthopaedics Surgery, Paras Hospitals, Panchkula.

If it looks like a minor soft tissue injury, it generally requires RICE i.e. Rest, Immobilization with a splint, Cold packs application and Elevation. Appropriate medicines will be advised.
It may be case of a bone injury, for which patient will need clinical assessment and investigations like radiographs. If it turns out to be a case of bone break, it may require plaster application or a surgery depending upon the type of break.

Elderly people have fragile i.e. weak bones and the risk of breaking hip bone is higher with relatively mild injury. Most of these patients require surgery for early mobilization. Because, if these patients are not mobilized quickly, they rapidly develop complications of lungs like infection and bed sores etc. So, it is imperative to bring the elderly patients back on their feet as soon as possible.

During hospital visit or stay, please keep face mask on all the time and keep the number of attendants to the minimum for your as well others safety.

Together, we Indians can beat this Covid-19 virus and will come out as a winner. For more queries, you may consult our expert surgeon Dr. Manuj Wadhwa. To schedule an online appointment, please click here..In case of emergency, visit us.

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